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Monday, September 07, 2015


Newport to Mulranny: Second Day of Hiking

 Audio File of Mike narrating the second day of hiking.
Bob, Mike, Gena and Sue on a bridge with their guide dogs and GPSTranscription: This is our second day of hiking.  We have left Newport and we wound our way through town which was a little bit tricky with small sidewalks and city streets.  Finally picked up the Greenway on the out skirts of town and it's paralleling the road, but at least it is off the road a little bit.   We just passed some city or you know city really means a little village.  We have passed the village of Knocknageeha.  We are northwest, headed to our next stop which is Mulranny. Now this section of the path is just a typical kind of bike path and it is running along the end of 59, maybe 50 feet away from the road with plants and things in between.  A lot of passers along the way.  Passed a bunch of cows, a few barns, pretty infrequent foot traffic, bike traffic.  We have seen a person on foot every 15 minutes and a biker maybe once an hour or a clump of bikers together.  The dogs all have their booties on, so we have 12 dog booties to keep track of.  Sue has to walk behind us because the shoes can come off easily and we won't know it and we will be missing one.  The weather has continued to be dry.  It's overcast, it's perfect.  We thought we might be a little cold, but in fact we have to unzip not to get too hot. 

cows in a fieldNoise of their footsteps.

Mike: Lets see how far we have to go?
BrailleNote: "6.35 kilometers, 1 o'clock Anchor House."
Mike: Anchor House is where we are headed and Newport 6.35 kilometers.  How fast are we walking?
BrailleNote: 5.4 KMH
Mike: 5.4 Kilometers and hour, a little over 3 miles an hour.  Of course that distance is as a crow flies and we might have to curve around a little bit, I am not sure.

More crunching footsteps, a sheep lets out a baa!

We are walking through the fields here and almost to our final destination.  On cue, another sheep bleats.  Sounds like maybe Gena has some indigestion.  Mike laughs. That would be the local sheep

Tank jumping up on a fence to say hello to a horse
sheep with curly horns in a field

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